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Payroll Services

Business Consulting

Our consulting team delivers cutting-edge, innovative, and industry leading solutions to solve business challenges.

We’ll help our clients navigate the ins and outs of taxable and non taxable pages. We cultivate a unique plan with each client to ensure that they are paying the appropriate tax liabilities.


Payroll Processing

We provide efficient payroll services for companies of all sizes and industries.Our main priority

is creating the appropriate schedule with our payroll clients to ensure that payroll is completed within a timely manner and that all legal tax obligations are taken care of. This involves coordinating with our clients to collect the payroll data while accounting for any additional payroll expenses.


Payroll Tax Filing

We will prepare your US payroll on a bi-weekly basis to meet US employment tax requirements.

Depending on the geographic location and industry of the business,we ensure that all payroll taxes are paid promptly. With the use of third party payroll services, the amount of payroll taxes due is calculated. We then oversee that the withholding taxes are paid and filed quarterly.

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We are a full service certified public accounting firm committed to provide our clients with unparalleled value. The RLN US Payroll team brings decades of knowledge and expertise to help your business stay compliant and uncover unexpected opportunities.Professionals from our practice include a diverse group of talent, including CPAs, MBAs, and Certified Forensic Investigators. Our team comes from Fortune 100 companies and Big 4 Consulting firms bring industry expertise to our clients.

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Nationwide business clients


Individual clients nationwide


Tax Returns completed


Years of collective experience

We make sure your business’s Payroll is always done accurately!

We work for a wide variety of clients in different industries

Employee Management

We manage employee PTO, sick leave, contribution plans, benefits, and incorporate with payroll.

Calculate Taxes

Calculate federal and state payroll taxes based on the deposit frequency you have set up.

Improve your workflow

Remove the hassle of running payroll from your day-to-day.

Payroll Summary

Able to provide and review payroll reports and summaries for audits, loans, etc.

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With our experience we provide professional services to businesses and individuals with the above standard quality.

360 Degree view of your financials

We use state of the art technology. We use the latest technology to run payroll, invoice customers, pay bills, generate reports for planning and tax filing, and more. Providing a view of your financials on the go. We offer our clients a peace of mind by keeping them updated with their financial status and reports.

Payroll Experts

One of the biggest advantages of working with RLN US to run your business payroll is working with the experts of the industry.

Quality Performance

We always make sure to deliver the maximum quality performance for our customers.


Performing payroll within a timely manner to avoid delays or issues

Additional info on how we perform Payroll for your firm

  • Calculate and track accrued vacation and sick time or other benefits
  • Provide direct deposit for your employees
  • Calculate federal and state payroll taxes based on the deposit frequency you have set up
  • Preparation and filing of Quarterly 940 and 941 federal payroll reports
  • Preparation and filing of State Unemployment Tax
  • Preparation and filing of Federal Unemployment Tax
  • Workers Compensation payroll reporting
  • Online access to paychecks
  • Prepare Forms W-2 and W-3, file electronically, and print duplicate copies as needed at year end
  • Prepare and submit benefits payments to Principal
  • Reconcile the benefits payments and withholdings

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first month is free with unlimited payroll runs, including off-cycle and bonus payrolls. Your trial begins when you run your first payroll, and once your 1-month trial has ended, we will automatically debit your company bank account each month so there's no need for invoicing.
Yes, we offer payroll in all 50 states. And it’s the same price whether you run payroll in one state or all 50.
Yes, we integrate with popular financial software, including QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks, plus time-tracking, expense software, and more.
Yes, direct deposit comes standard.
Yes, we support filing claims for the Federal R&D Tax Credit.
There is no additional cost for employees in multiple states, for W-2s or 1099s, or for amendments.
The bonus tax method is used for calculating taxes, along with CPP and EI deductions, on bonuses, retroactive payments, and other payment outliers. Calculating bonus tax varies in ease and difficulty level.
We will prepare your US payroll on a bi-weekly basis

We integrate with the leading banks and service providers